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Our Story

Our Story

LIRA brings an exquisite flavor of Lebanon and its rich culinary heritage to Wynwood Miami with transcendent flavors that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The restaurant embodies Lebanese modern art, music, and decor. The restaurant's exterior is inspired by the unique architectural Lebanese homes from the 19th century Ottoman Era.
The aesthetics of the restaurant teleport you to a time in history when Lebanon was titled Paris of the Middle East with its fresh yet modern display of legendary Lebanese artists and designers.

Meet the Founders

LIRA Beirut eatery is the brainchild of Giovanna Mansi "Gigi" and Farid Lutfi who recently moved from Lebanon to bring their rich culinary experience and heritage to life.
Gigi's passion for food and the arts world guarantees the perfect Lebanese gastronomic experience of mid-century Beirut, an era that marks the heyday of the 'lira', the title coined to express the official currency of Lebanon. Farid's love for people ensures that every customer will enjoy a journey full of taste and flavors, he guarantees the restaurant will leave an imprint on the customers. Alongside Gigi and Farid comes a few other business partners who are mostly either Lebanese or Italian, so LIRA is also a way to embrace both countries bringing their warm cultures and love for food and people to the table.

LIRA's Vision

To preserve LIRA's authenticity, the team will continue to remain organic to Lebanon's main resources with the aim to support local farmers and producers in Lebanon alongside independent creative artists.